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How to Avoid Back Pain When Golfing

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It is the #1 reason for disability globally and one of the chief causes of missed work days among Americans. It is so common that 31 million people in the United States suffer from it at any one time. It could even sideline you from being able to exercise since it can be caused or exacerbated by golf. It is lower back pain (LBP) – and, although it is common, several preventive steps can keep you out on the course.

What can you do to prevent back pain when golfing? Let’s look at a few steps you can take to protect yourself, along with one exercise that might be particularly helpful.

3 steps to prevent back pain when golfing

What can you do to keep yourself from experiencing lower back pain caused by a round of golf?

1. Warm up before you begin to play with a series of stretches. These stretches should focus on the hamstrings, hips, torso, and shoulders. Once you have loosened your muscles a bit, take a few easy practice swings of the club. These preliminary efforts get you ready for your actual drive.

2. In order to get your club head moving fast enough for a good swing, a large amount of force must go through your lower back. The key to staying healthy regardless of that force is to move smoothly and use proper form. That means your lower spine, chest, pelvis, and shoulders should all rotate seamlessly, sharing the load.

3. Another way you can experience back pain from golfing is less obvious: bending over to grab your bag of clubs. You can get a golf bag stand that gives you easy access to the clubs without ever having to reach to the ground.

Avoid back pain from golfing with “openers”

One exercise that works well to avoid lower back pain is commonly called “openers.” This exercise begins with a golfer on the ground, lying on her side with arms out straight and the knees at right angles. The golfer then pulls her left arm behind her, trying to touch the ground on the opposite side – keeping her legs in place throughout. This action achieves a stretch from the shoulders down through the hips.

Get help

The above preventive steps can help you avoid the development of pain in your back. However, if you are already experiencing back pain from golfing, you may need professional help for a full recovery. At Health Star Clinic, we want you to leave our office healthier and happier. See our new patient promises.

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