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Back Braces & Support


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Custom Back Braces & Support

Relieve Acute or Chronic Back Pain Conditions With Our Lumbar Support Products

  • Sciatica
  • Herniated Discs
  • Lower Back Sprain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Osteoarthritis in the Back
  • Muscle Strain in Back

How Custom Lumbar Support Braces Help with Back Pain

Using a custom back brace is a great way to provide additional support for your lower back. Back braces can help stabilize and protect painful areas of your spine after surgery, or following an accident, injury or strain. Wearing a back brace can enhance – or sometimes, resolve lower back pain and injury symptoms completely.

A custom back brace works by providing increased support to the framework of your lower back, including the complex muscles and bones of your spine. A back brace adequately provides a painful area the means to recover by minimizing the stress and strain that is usually put on your back during everyday activities.

Support to Facilitate Healing and Back Pain Relief

upper back painBack braces are commonly recommended to patients who are suffering from both acute and chronic back pain. The pain may be the result of an operation or an injury that happened recently or even years ago. At Health Star Clinic, we provide a variety of custom back brace options, from generic to soft corsets or more rigid, custom-fitted orthrosis. Our custom back brace help:

  • relieve the nuisance of lower back pain
  • gain control over the movements of your spine
  • heal soft tissue injury such as torn ligaments and muscle strain
  • avoid future injury from repetitive movement or sudden motion

What Conditions Can Be Improved By Back Braces?

Our custom back braces can be used to alleviate lower back pain caused by a variety of health conditions. Normally, back braces are most efficient at alleviating acute back pain caused by a strain-related injury or alleviating the chronic pain experienced by patients with a long-standing lower back condition.

The most frequent causes of lower back pain include torn ligaments and muscles strains resulting from over-exertion. Some of the most common health conditions we treat with our custom back braces include:

  • Sciatica
  • Herniated Discs
  • Bulging Discs
  • Lower Back Sprain

  • Muscle Strain in Back
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Sacroiliac Joint Pain

  • Facet Joint Pain
  • Osteoarthritis in the back
  • Postural Problems
  • Stress Fractures

Lumbar Support Products with Proven Results

Our lumbar support products offer a variety of braces for all types of back and spine issues, including after surgery pain. Our custom back braces provide superior support for spine injuries, reducing pain and helping to manage chronic spine conditions. Our products adequately limit motion and offer firm compression to help stabilize your back and relieve pain, supporting you where you need it most. Ergonomic design mixed with innovative materials allows these back braces to comfortably contour to your body without compromising the necessary support needed to reduce pain and facilitate healing.

We recommend custom back braces for use after surgery since they are produced to provide the highest level of injury protection.