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Chiropractic Clinic for Pain Relief

shoulder painOur chiropractor doctors at Health Star Clinic in Birmingham are ready to help you with your wellness needs. All of our chiropractors are concerned with your overall wellbeing and the health of your body. We can help treat personal injury, sports injuries, environmental stresses and total spinal wellness.

The goal of our chiropractic treatment program in Birmingham is to help provide your body the resources to heal itself without surgery or medication. Health Star Clinic’s chiropractors effectively restore mobility in joints, relieve pinched nerves and rehabilitate injured muscles. Chiropractic treatments improve your bodies’ natural functionality, which provides lasting pain relief and prevention from future conditions.

shoulder painChiropractic adjustments and manipulations are generally practiced at our chiropractic clinic. This procedure is done with gentle thrusts to the spine to restore proper alignment and alleviate certain types of lower back pain and neck pain. Proper spinal alignment is an extremely important factor for total body wellness care. To find out if these chiropractic adjustments are right for you, and to schedule your appointment with one of our chiropractic doctors, Contact Health Star Clinic in Birmingham today.

Conditions Our Chiropractic Treatment Program Can Treat

Our proven chiropractic treatment program can relieve pain symptoms from:

Causes of Back Pain

shoulder painBefore back pain can be properly treated, the cause of your pain must be identified. Around 80% of Americans are affected by back pain at some time in their life. Back pain can be related to many different internal and external factors. Nerve and spine destruction from accidents can start up strains and injuries. If not treated these back injuries lead to chronic back pain symptoms later in life.

Spinal misalignment, as a result of weight gain, poor posture, repetitive movement and joint deterioration can also lead to back pain. Once the spinal tissues are stressed, the muscles begin a splinting process and lock down the spinal joints. Often times patients will call saying…”my back’s locked up on me”. This splinting creates spinal joint dysfunction, swelling and inflammation. Chiropractic back treatments will help relax the back muscles and stabilize the spinal joints to provide effective relief.

Get Relief with Chiropractic

Health Star Chiropractic Center has been helping patients with back and neck pain, spinal injuries and associated health problems for years in Alabama. Year after year, we have been recognized for our expertise, professionalism and results by our communities. Contact us for a free consultation to learn how our chiropractic clinic in Birmingham, AL can help you get back to living without pain.

Don’t Let Pain Control Your Life. We Can Help.

We are confident that our treatment programs will help you even if other treatments have failed. Fill out our request appointment form to find out how we can help or call one of our clinics to learn more. Most major insurances are accepted.

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