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Recondition Your Spine With SRS Therapy ™

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Are you suffering from back pain? SRS Therapy™ could be a crucial part of your recovery strategy.

  • SRS and patient satisfaction
  • Spine Reconditioning System: two steps
  • Why healthy spinal discs are critical

SRS and patient satisfaction

SRS stands for Spine Reconditioning System. It is a standardized approach to alleviate pain and improve function when patients suffer from bulging or slipped discs. The theory behind the approach is that back pain recovery will occur faster, more safely, and more economically when traditional approaches are integrated with breakthrough technologies. Only offered at select, approved clinics nationwide, the impact of SRS Therapy has proven phenomenal. For instance, when an Alabama clinic introduced the medical protocol, 98% of participating patients described the experience as “Very Good” or “Excellent.”

One patient who has used the system, Earl K., said that it had a powerful effect on his back and leg arthritis.

“Well I came over here and I was on a walker at the time, and after my third trip here I got off of my walker,” he said. “I don’t really ache anymore like I did, and I don’t have the back problems I had.”

Spine Reconditioning System: two steps

The system is split into two basic steps that synergistically promote healthy spinal discs. First, damage to the discs is addressed through nonsurgical therapies. Then the spine’s supporting muscles and joints are strengthened. SRS Therapy usually involves disc contraction, chiropractic adjustment, and related strategies.

Patient costs will vary for this approach, but its affordability versus surgery is indicated by a University of California, Los Angeles, medical letter that estimated the cost of spinal disc surgery. The total bill that was estimated for a herniated disc operation was $163,527. Meanwhile, the approximate costs for typical recovery with SRS Therapy – including examination, radiographic images, 25 separate treatments, and follow-up appointments – is $4500 (an estimate since patients vary).

More important than the money, though, is that SRS Therapy works.

“I can say by the second or third treatment I could tell a difference,” said another patient, Shareese B.. “I could tell I was sleeping a little better, I could move better, it wasn’t as tense.”

Why healthy spinal discs are critical

Discs are critical to overall well-being. They prevent the spinal vertebrae from rubbing against each other, and they create room for spinal nerves to access the rest of the body. The discs also help to keep the ligaments around them taught, thereby supporting the spine and safeguarding the spinal cord.

Do you have a slipped or bulging disc? We know that the pain can be excruciating, and you need a provider you can trust. That’s why we only accept cases we feel we can help. Get a free consultation now!

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