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Benefits of MLS Laser Therapy For Pain Relief

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At first glance, using lasers in healthcare may seem so technological that it’s disconnected from earlier medicine. Actually, though, light has been used for pain relief and other patient care since ancient Greece and Egypt. Doctors and other healing professionals have long been aware that lack of light is harmful to the body (with consequences such as seasonal affective disorder and vitamin D deficiency).

Any healthcare therapy that incorporates light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (LASER) is using light to treat the body. In recent years, innovation with the equipment and research into dosage have refined this treatment modality. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is an FDA-approved advanced laser therapy to treat chronic pain and athletic injuries. MLS Laser Therapy is the best form of LLLT currently available.

LLLT for pain relief

LLLT treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Your physician or chiropractor must know several things about your pain symptoms to be able to properly apply this advanced laser therapy:

·      Where it is

·      How often it occurs

·      Level of severity

·      Contributing factors.

“LLLT is used to help heal wounds and to treat many types of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders,” explained the American Chiropractic Association. “[It] is used to treat both acute and chronic pain.”

LLLT to reduce inflammation

How is this treatment anti-inflammatory? It compels blood vessels and lymph nodes to vasodilate, or expand. When that occurs, lymphatic drainage is optimized. Among other positive results, this process allows bruises to heal faster.

Although patients may see the symptoms subside almost immediately, the beneficial impact becomes more pronounced with multiple treatments. According to, maximum effectiveness is typically achieved via 8-30 treatments.

LLLT to treat athletic injuries

Low-level laser therapy has been adopted as a treatment method by Olympic teams and most US professional sports teams.

“Trainers claim that elite athletes make comebacks faster after being injured when LLLT is part of the treatment plan,” said the American Chiropractic Association. “Major league pitchers, for example, use lasers as part of a normal warm-up routine.”

MLS Laser Therapy – specific advantages

Why is MLS a particularly advanced laser therapy? Simply put, it produces better results than any other LLLT system does. MLS stands for “multi-wave locked system.” It uses pulsed and continuous emissions simultaneously to reduce inflammation and pain with more targeted precision.

Are you in pain, or did you suffer a sports injury? MLS Laser Therapy is just one of the many high-tech treatments we use to help you recover. Schedule your free consultation today.

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