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Upper Back Pain Relief


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Upper Back Pain Relief

We Provide Lasting Pain Relief for Upper Back Pain Symptoms

  • Sharp Shooting Pain
  • Dull Aches & Pains
  • Weakness in the Lower Back
  • Bulging Disc
  • Sciatica Nerve Pain
  • Spinal Stenosis

Upper Back Pain Relief

upper back painPatient-Focused Chiropractic Treatment for Upper Back Pain

What causes upper back pain? There are a variety of injuries and actions that can contribute to upper back pain. Upper back pain can be caused by poor posture, such as leaning forward while standing or sitting. Another probable cause can be driving for long periods of time on a daily basis, or repetitive motions of your arm and neck muscles while performing work duties such as lifting, pushing, carrying and pulling. Even poor sleeping habits and inadequate neck support in bed can supply to your upper back pain.

Repetitive tension on your upper back can gradually cause improper alignments of your spinal column, and may give rise to a herniated or bulging disc.

Upper back pain may also result from a traumatic injury such as whiplash, or a severe slip or fall. Many people injure their upper backs by inadequately lifting heavy objects or straining their muscles with physical activities. This is an extremely common cause of muscle irritation and inflammation.

Degenerative change of your spine (often referred to as arthritis) can also be the cause of your upper back pain.

Chiropractic Treatment of Upper Back Pain

Spinal adjustments is the most frequent form of chiropractic treatment for upper back pain. The adjustment improves your spine and central nervous system function to reduce pain and help with muscle spasm and restriction of the musculature of your upper back.

In addition to adjusting your spine, we can help you adjust your workplace ergonomics. Whether you sit all day at work or are constantly pushing, pulling, or lifting, we can share some proper posture and tips and lifting techniques to help you prevent future pain and injury.

Depending on the cause of your upper back pain, your chiropractor physician may recommend stretches and exercises to build strong core muscles that contribute to good posture. By moving joints and muscles through healthy ranges of motion, your back and spine are kept limber and less susceptible to injury.

Our experienced chiropractors at Health Star Clinic can provide you with a customized exercise regimen to address your upper back pain.

For more information regarding upper back pain management and how chiropractic treatment can help with your symptoms, please contact us to schedule a consultation. Walk-ins are always welcome.

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