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Are You Sitting Correctly? 9 Ways To Improve Your Posture

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Proper postural maintenance is a simple and critical component of wellness. When you position your body in its ideal posture, your spine will be in correct alignment, without any nerve impingement. By allowing the parts of your body to achieve their natural balance, posture can reduce the symptoms of neck or back pain, migraine, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Two of the best ways to help yourself prevent slouching and support a healthy spine are stretching and the use of ergonomics.

Stretches for improved posture and reduced pain

Stretches “can greatly help if you find that you have a sore back or neck,” argues a well-researched report on wikiHow. “It’s also good to do during the day, if your job requires you to sit for long periods.”

Try these two techniques for improved posture through stretching:

1.    Gradually and conscientiously lean your head toward your shoulder on each side. Also lean it forward and back, so that you are stretching your neck from various directions. Carefully massage the muscles you are stretching.

2.    Get onto all fours. Position your back into an arc, as a house cat does when it is afraid. Then move your hips down as you raise your shoulders, neck, and head.

Try both stretches several times during the workday to improve your spine health. When you stretch your neck and back after waking up, you better prepare your muscles for your daily activities. Stretching every few hours will boost your energy.

An ergonomic workstation to achieve spinal alignment

Do you sit in front of a computer at work? Sitting for extended periods of time places an extraordinary amount of force on the lower back. The following recommendations are based on ergonomic principles for spine health and pain relief:

·      “Use a chair that’s ergonomically designed for proper support and designed for your height and weight,” wikiHow correctly suggests. “If this is not an option, try using a small pillow for lumbar support.”

·      Keep your back even with the chair’s back so you’re less likely to shift into poor posture.

·      Become more conscientious that your shoulders are even and you are facing straightforward. Your body should be aligned, from feet to knees to back to neck.

·      Plant your feet firmly on the floor. If you can’t get the seat of your chair low enough to do that, use a footrest.

·      You want your hands to be able to access the keyboard and mouse with your elbows at right angles.

A comprehensive solution

Stretching and ergonomics can be great all-natural, do-it-yourself techniques to maintain a healthy spine.

Are you suffering from back pain, though? You may want a more comprehensive solution than simply adjusting your posture as described above. We can help.

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